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Imerys Aluminates: the leader in calcium aluminate technology

IMERYS ALUMINATES is the world's leading manufacturer of calcium aluminate cements and finished products including SewperCoat® for the wastewater industry.

As the expert in calcium aluminate technologies, Imerys Aluminates offers a full range of high technology calcium aluminate binders/mortars to its clients in wastewater, in refractory & steel industries, in building chemistry, as well as other technical industries. Imerys Aluminates provides a varied range of high-technology calcium aluminate products with the brand names: SEWPERCOAT®, CIMENT FONDU®, SECAR®, TERNAL®, ALAG®, CALCOAT®, FONDAG®, FONDULIT®, LDSF® and OPTIMET®.
In combination with other specialized mineral and organic products, including Peramin® polymer powders, Imerys Aluminates' product ranges offer innovative solutions and improved performance. Imerys Aluminates always acts as a partner to its customers, thereby opening up new areas of application, with the aim of best meeting the needs of its markets. Imerys Aluminates has around twenty subsidiaries worldwide and its products are sold in more than one hundred countries. Imerys Aluminates employs 2,500 people around the world.

Worldwide network - local presence

Combining the benefits of a global industrial presence with a worldwide supply chain network, Imerys Aluminates provides its clients with tailor-made services including dedicated local technical assistance, as well as reliable and rapid supply on all continents.

In the context of globalization of the construction industry, having suppliers with a truly global activity is critical. Imerys Aluminates is a genuine and reliable partner offering local presence, global product availability and a local understanding of customers' requirements and evolution.

Imerys Aluminates provides:

  • Local commercial network covering more than100 countries ready to serve customers
  • Marketing and technical experts able to support partners developments and anticipate market needs
  • Industrial network of 20 plants worldwide
  • 1 central research centre (Imerys Technology Centre)
  • Regional development laboratories (North America and China) and applications laboratories (Brazil, India,South Africa and Russia)




For more information about Imerys Aluminates: https://www.linkedin.com/company/imerys-aluminates/