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2018, 25th-24th January: Present at the fair "Carrefour de l'eau" in Rennes, France


5th participation of SewperCoat team to this very well targeted event, that is growing more and more each year, with over 450 exhibitors in 2018.  For SewperCoat®, it was a very positive event because we met several Owners and Contractors that spoke about the projects they will tender or do in 2018!  This year again we made a 30 minute "Technical Focus", but this time there was a crowd of 50+ people waiting for it, as the topic of H2S Corrosion of waste water infrastructures is getting more and more attention of the whole industry.  Beyond France opportunities, we met few people involved with projects in other countries.  In 2018, Kerneos France will participate to 3 other wastewater related events.We will keep you inforemd shortly!


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