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SewperCoat® high-pressure dry spray installation method

SewperCoat® is available as a "dry-gunite" formulation. It is designed to be applied with high-pressure, dry-gunite equipment. The material is blown dry through a hose with high pressure air. There is a nozzle on the hose that contains a water ring, which injects water into the dry material as is passes through. The SewperCoat® is mixed as it hits the sub-surface. The nozzleman uses a circular application pattern that shears the material and mixes it through displacement.

The dry-gunite formulation of SewperCoat® is commonly used on projects where the material must be conveyed for a very long distance or when the structure is very large. This installation method is typically used for larger diameter piping projects, including concrete or trunk lines and larger reinforced concrete pipe. In certain instances, a dry-gunite SewperCoat® installation can be extremely cost effective, maintaining its proven performance in typical manhole and wet well type applications.

Projects of this nature often require extensive bypass pumping setups but live installations are often carried out

A common rotary gunite machine

A severely deteriorated large diameter concrete trunk line

The cleaned and prepared surface with new wire mesh reinforcement in place

Batching SewperCoat® into an N-Series gun

Batching SewperCoat® into an N-Series gun

Dry gunning SewperCoat® into the trunk line, encasing the new wire reinforcement

The rehabilitated concrete trunk line after installation and curing