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What to read if you are a CONTRACTOR rehabilitating sewer network ?

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As a Contractor working in sewers, more than anyone you know the challenge of doing a durable repair in such hostile environment. You are not looking for promises or fake warranty, but for a simple, proven and durable non-nonsense solution. Your customer wants to get the most out of his rehabilitation budget, and is expecting you to offer the best cost/performance possible. This is why you need to include SewperCoat® in your tool box, to make your life simpler while delivering to the Owner what he expects. Go to the following pages to learn more:

  1. SewperCoat®, the solution for sewer infrastructures
  2. Product Data Sheet
  3. General Application Guidelines
  4. Installation by low-pressure-wet-spray
  5. Installation by high-pressure-dry-spray
  6. Some examples around the world
  7. Field Performance