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What to read if you are a CONSULTING ENGINEER working on sewer network rehabilitation?

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As a Consulting Engineer, you want to understand why SewperCoat® deserves to be included in your design. Claiming outstanding durability is not enough, there must be sound science behind such a claim, with credible proof it can really delivers the expected performance. Because SewperCoat® unique resistance to biogenic corrosion has been studied and explained by various academic researches, there are tangible data to feed your analysis. Go to the following pages to learn more:

  1. SewperCoat®, the solution for sewer infrastructures
  2. Product Data Sheet
  3. Biogenic Corrosion Principle
  4. How does SewperCoat® resist to biogenic corrosion?
  5. Evaluation Method: Hamburg Test
  6. Technical Papers / Publications
  7. Some examples around the world
  8. General Application Guidelines