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SewperCoat® Track Record : over 25 years of proven performance

Real life, proven performance can be worth more than any sophisticated, technical explanation. This is why SewperCoat®'s outstanding track record in thousands of sewers around the world brings real-world application providing proof that SewperCoat® will meet or exceed the expectations of the owner/operator.

SewperCoat® Field Performance: Example of a Northern California (USA) Sewage Treatment Plant

If "one picture is worth a thousand words", then have a look at the following pictures!
In the early 1990's, a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) was commissioned in Northern California. After only 3 years in service, the grit chamber and the clarifiers were showing severe deterioration due to biogenic corrosion.

A first repair with epoxy… which lasted 18 months

To stop the deterioration, it was decided to apply an epoxy protection lining. But after only 1 and half years, this epoxy lining was miserably failing (as seen on the walls on the picture).

First benchmark trial to find a solution: too severe conditions for stainless steel

To select a more appropriate repair material, the Owner decided to put candidate repair materials into a simple real life test: cylindrical specimens of various "sewer repair mortars" specimens were hung in the corroding grit chamber. In fact, the biogenic corrosion conditions were so severe that the stainless steel eye bolts holding the specimens were destroyed within 6 months (see pictures).

Second Benchmark Trial: a better rig to carry on longer

To go into the benchmark of possible repair materials in depth, new specimens were cast with a PVC sleeve, fastened to a PVC frame. After 10 months of exposure, the pH measured on the plastic surface of the PVC rig was around 1.5-2.0, proving the severity of the biogenic corrosion conditions in this section of the sewage treatment plant.

Two year is enough to destroy some "sewer repair mortars"

After 2 years of exposure, some of the OPC based "sewer repair mortars" specimens were totally corroded, as shown here.

SewperCoat® : still like new after the same 2 years

After the same 2 years of exposure, the SewperCoat® specimens have changed of color, but were still sound and hard, without any significant sign of deterioration.

The lesson from 25 years of field performance

Since 1991, thousands of Owners have witnessed similar graphic examples of SewperCoat® typical performance; it does withstand the most severe biogenic corrosion, and outperforms inert liners such as epoxy day-in and day-out.

Beyond any comprehensive technical explanation, what is most important remains the actual performance in real life. Based on this single most decisive criteria, SewperCoat® delivers the value expected by Owners with an unequalled durability. Since the introduction of SewperCoat®, a positive field track record has accumulated year after year. SewperCoat®'s unique durability comes from the combination of calcium aluminate cement binder with manufactured calcium aluminate aggregates having the same chemistry and mineralogy, creating a "Total Barrier" to the biogenic corrosion process.