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SewperCoat® : The ultimate solution for sewer infrastructures

Biogenic corrosion of sewers can be a serious problem for asset Owners. To rehabilitate corroded sewers, or to protect new ones, SewperCoat® is a unique solution providing the ease of use of a cementitious mortar with an unequalled durability.

SewperCoat®, what to remember?

  • A unique, proven, and efficient repair strategy
  • Able to resist the most severe biogenic corrosion conditions
  • Induces a "bacterio-static effect" which inhibits the acid generation at the source
  • More than 25 years of outstanding field performance.
  • Ultimately, SewperCoat® provides a unique and long lasting solution to sewer Owners

Biogenic Corrosion: a Serious Problem for asset Owners/Operators

When the right conditions exist in a sewer system, acidophilic bacteria activity is capable of corroding and destroying up to 25 mm of concrete per year. Biogenic corrosion is a serious problem for asset Owners. Corrosion may induce significant capital expenditure to maintain the required service level of sewer infrastructure. Biogenic corrosion can develop on any exposed part of the sewer network. It has the potential to lower the surface pH down to 1, rapidly corroding concrete, steel and cast iron.

Repairing with organic polymer? it fails too often

One costly repair strategy is to attempt to protect wastewater infrastructure with acid resistant materials: organic resin, polymer, plastic sheets, fiberglass inserts, etc. While these repair materials can withstand low pH, the acidophilic bacteria continue to breed and develop on these surfaces. Eventually the sulfuric acid will make its way through any pin holes, joints or the thinnest flaws. The use of polymer materials underground also raises the challenge of achieving surfaces dry enough to permit the proper bonding of these systems. Moreover, using polymers also raises the health and safety issues of working with solvents in confined spaces.

SewperCoat®: a unique chemistry for a unique performance

SewperCoat® proposes a unique, proven, and radically different repair strategy: repair with an easy-to-apply cementitious system able to resist the most severe biogenic corrosion conditions. Because of its very specific chemistry - 100% calcium aluminate - SewperCoat® induces a "bacterio-static effect". This "bacterio-static effect" drastically slows down the acidophilic bacteria ecosystem and inhibits the acid generation at the source itself. This is how SewperCoat® provides a long lasting solution to Owners of infrastructure threatened by biogenic corrosion.

The ease of use of a cementitious mortar... with an unequalled durability

SewperCoat® is the only proven 100% calcium aluminate mortar able to resist the most aggressive biogenic corrosion conditions found in wastewater infrastructures. Its unique combination of calcium aluminate cement with manufactured calcium aluminate aggregate (both having the same chemistry) delivers a unique combination of key benefits to the asset Owner. Unlike other inert materials like epoxy, vinyl, PVC or HDPE, SewperCoat® bonds well to moist surfaces, does not induce holidays and pin holes and provides a rock solid structural rehabilitation within a few hours. SewperCoat®'s specific mineralogy provides a protective-reactive barrier to biogenic corrosion conditions, as proven by 25 years of outstanding field performance.